NLT Agility Extension

Number Line Technologies Agility Extension

Extend your ability to move your business quickly and easily with us.

Manage your tasks and assignments with Agility Extension for a secure, reliable and traceable trail of tasks and constant reminders of deadlines.

Assign, manage, complete and confirm completion of tasks which can be reviewed at any time.

Agility Extension for individuals

Keep track of your personal tasks with ease using our state of the art task management platform fro your convenience.

Create a free account now and start uploading your tasks and effectively manage your time whilst you either work at home or in the office.

With Agility Extension, you can upload documents relating to your tasks for future reference.

What are you waiting for?

Agility Extension for your business

Create Divisions, Departments, Groups or Teams of your liking using our flexible dashboard for the assignment of tasks to your staff members or teammates.

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