How do you react when;

  • you hear that your best friend was saying bad things about you with other people?
  • You notice that your partner has been cheating with a very close friend or relative?
  • Someone spread false news about you, your behavior or your experiences?

Well, those are just a few personal live examples that might have poked your emotions. However, in a professional setup we can have situations like that which may include;

  • Your colleague spreading false information about you to your superiors,
  • Being sacrificed on career threatening situations,
  • Being sabotaged on proposed initiatives or projects
  • Just to mention a few.


These are just questions to challenge your imaginations, but the real question is, how can you prepare for such situations to reduce their impact on your emotions. In this post I will be sharing with you how I manage to deal with these emotional matters as they can really affect your productivity at the end of the day.

1.   Keep it in your mind that “Not everyone like you”

Well, one key thing you have to keep in mind is that everywhere you go, there are three types of people

  • The one that wish you all the best, hope that you succeed in life and ready to assist you and pick you up when you fall;
  • The person who wish for your downfall, the one who will try by any means necessary to pull you down and turn your name into dust; and
  • The person who does not care whether you fail or succeed.

You have to keep it in mind that you are not loved by everybody as you are not money.

Therefore, categorizing the people around you in those three categories will help you to easily ignore the efforts that the people on the second category to pull you down.

2.   Treat everyone as a potential threat to your emotional peace

One of the key principles when working with electricity cables is to “treat all circuits as live” at all times just because you never know which one could shock you. The same principle also holds when dealing with emotional matters at the workplace.

After categorizing people according to the above categories, just keep in mind that everyone is a potential member of the second category.

Therefore, registering in your mind that you can face disappointment at any time from anyone will help to reduce the impact of the situations when they come your way.

3.   Live with no expectations at all

The only source of disappointment in life is expectations, which remain the number one enemy to our emotions.

You might have categorized other people under the first category, just know that it is not every time that they will be able or willing to give a helping hand when you need one.

Therefore, to keep your cool when you are hit by various situations in life, just keep yourself expectation free, appreciate all good deeds as they come and ignore all setbacks.

In conclusion, your peace of mind is the most expensive asset in your possession. Therefore, protect your emotions through identifying the people who wish for your downfall, understanding that anyone can be a potential threat to your personal and professional life and to live without any expectations.

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